Participating Faculty

Through the REU program, students have the opportunity to participate in research at an R1 institution from active laboratories in the sciences. Several departments at UConn have placements for incoming REU students. Below is a detailing of each laboratories' interests and project details. Click the lab's PI for a direct link to their lab pages.

Dr. Daniel Mulkey

Autonomic Control of Breathing | Neuron-Astrocyte-Vascular Coupling

Dr. Anastasios Tzingounis

Molecular and Cellular Physiology of Epilepsy-Associated Genes | KCNQ Channels in the Brain

Dr. Karen Menuz

Chemosensation in Insects | Olfactory Signaling in Drosophila

Dr. Jianjun Sun

Reproductive Physiology and Ovarian Cancer | Secretory Cell Differentiation

Dr. Natale Sciolino

Neural Circuitry of Motivated Behaviors | Role of Locus Coeruleus Neurons in Feeding

Dr. Rahul Kanadia 

Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation | Role of Minor Spliceosome in Development and Disease

Dr. Linnaea Ostroff

Neuratonomical Basis of Learning and Memory | 3D Electron Microscopy Reconstructions of Synapses

Dr. José Manautou

Target Organ Toxicity | Hepatic Detoxification and Disposition Mechanisms

Dr. Joseph LoTurco

Development of the Neocortex | CRISPR Models of Pediatric Glioma

Dr. Ken Campellone

Cytoskeletal Control of Membrane Remodeling | Pathogenic Bacterial Alteration of Membrane Proteins

Dr. Barbara Mellone

Genome Inheritance and Stability | Chromosome Dynamics | Epigenetics

Dr. Alexander Jackson

Cellular and Synaptic Neurophysiology of Hypothalamic Neural Circuits | Heterogeneity of LHA Functional Subpopulations

Dr. John Salamone

Neurochemistry, Signal Transduction, and Behavior | Psychopharmacology and Drug Development

Dr. Randall Walikonis

Postsynaptic Signal Transduction Systems | Novel Protein Identification